Tuesday, October 12, 2010

100th Post


I did thought of making it special and everything some sort of like the 10/10/10 yesterday but then again all of this stuff are just figures. Figures that does not mean much to us but we made it to be meaningful. Instead, I just got back from a group discussion and I was triggered to make a post for no legit reason. Well, maybe the GF's asleep and I can't put myself to sleep right now.
I praised Allah for making things easy for me lately. Life feels great when you have everything sorted out and to have no problem and hardships in every single thing you do. Then again, I realised I was able to achieved it because I want to. I now believe that any efforts that we put to make our life content would be commensurate enough to make it happen.
You'll be suprised to know how you are able to change yourself to better or to worst. As we go on living, we'll become our own doppleganger having to possess the same physical (note: applied to certain people only) but different personality. It's inevitable. We developed and I doubt for any stagnant development in personality.
Having nothing to do with these, I have injured myself while playing rugby and now I have to walk with crutches and I find that it's very tidious having to be temporarily physically impaired. Okay maybe impaired is too strong. Temporarily disable would eufamised it well. Now that I find my life has been sorted out emotionally, negative feedback mechanism occurs physically. Hats off to the disabled for having such great determination on giving life a chance. It is just beautiful.
Oh crap I fell asleep.
Now I'm back but with no ideas.
The only thing in my head now is the sound of Freddy Mercury's voice (Bohemian Rhapsody fever) No, F you, I'm straight. Also, I woke up with a smile and realised that this contentment that I'm feeling is indubitably awesome. I haven't felt this way for quite some while. No urge of dick-slapping and no feelings of butt-raped. GTG gonna eat Honey Stars and continue with my beauty sleep.
"You've guided me through all my years, I've been lost. You've guided me from all the ways that were wrong. I wanna thank You, for bringing me home"

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